Amy Eisenhauer, Life and Health Coach

Coaching with a holistic approach

I am Amy Eisenhauer, a Rochester based Life and Health Coach. My purpose is to empower my clients to build confidence, resilience, hope and self-motivation, so that they can make lasting changes to their health and overall well-being.

My coaching philosophy and approach is shaped by my experiences throughout my life course, which comprises positive experiences as well as very significant trials.  My journey led me to establish Bend Don’t Break, where resilience and integrity are core values that drive my coaching philosophy and holistic coaching approach.

Why Coaching?

Coaching is a vehicle for helping people to achieve a higher level of well-being and performance in life, particularly when change is difficult. Coaching is a growth-promoting partnership with clients that inspires and supports them to maximize their personal and professional potential. This is particularly important in today’s uncertain, complex and challenging environment.

Why do I believe in a Holistic Approach to Coaching?

A holistic coaching approach is heart-centered and solution-focused, enabling individuals to shift and transform through difficult circumstances throughout the life course. These circumstances might be personal, professional, emotional, spiritual or perhaps a combination.  As a holistic life and health coach, I will help guide you to function in a way that promotes emotional wellness in all facets of your life, including mind, body and spirit. This multifactorial approach will enable you to gain greater self-awareness and appreciation for a renewed sense of balance, health, wellness and vitality in your life.  I am affiliated with Surviving Naturally, together we offer services and packages that promote healthy living,  please view our joint offerings here.

Core Values – Resilience and Integrity

My life journey led me to understand and believe that resilience and integrity are two key factors that help us through the toughest of times. Resilience is the ability to remain flexible, adaptive and balanced through the stressful circumstances and traumatic events that life likes to throw our way. Significant sources of stress and trauma that impact our overall well-being include, but are not limited to, major life changes, family and relationship problems, physical health concerns, workplace and financial stress, etc. Flexibility is an essential part of resilience. Increasing our ability to be adaptive allows us to remain at equilibrium, such that we are not thrown off by these life circumstances. As a result, we can keep our integrity intact, thus bringing our wholehearted selves everywhere we go.

Centered on resilience and integrity, I empower my clients through a holistic, strengths based coaching approach, by guiding them to:

  • Embrace a positive sense of self and have confidence in one’s own strengths and abilities.
  • Manage strong feelings and impulses.
  • Enhance communication and problem-solving skills.
  • Reset goals and take the steps to achieve them.
  • Go from energy-depleting habits into practices that empower experience higher levels of self-awareness.
  • Exercise control over stress and decide how you “show up” in any given situation.

We can’t always control the trials set before us; however, we can determine on how it will impact our lives. I look forward to helping you EMERGE to achieve your highest and healthiest potential.